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Welcome to the Wonder

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Learn more about Wonder Juice and what makes it so special.

Maybe it’s the vibrant taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. Or that they’re all 100% organic juice and certified fair trade.  If you want to know what makes Wonder Juice so special, go ahead and taste one!

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All Wonder Juice is 100% organic.

We use ingredients that are free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMOs. We source from farms that recycle, maintain healthy soil and water quality and work to conserve biodiversity. All fruits, vegetables and spices used in every Wonder Juice are grown this way, and have been certified to meet the standards set forth by the USDA to be labeled 100% organic.

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And always cold-pressed.

When fruits and vegetables are pressed to extract their juices, both heat and air can compromise the amount of retained nutrients in the juice.

We cold-press all Wonder Juices, which creates no excess heat or air. It also delivers the most enzyme-rich fruit and vegetable juice you can possibly yield. Cold-pressing leads to a fuller flavor and retains the fruit’s natural color. When it’s better for your health AND tastes better too, we’re all for it!

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And certified Fair Trade.

Fair trade is about guaranteeing equitable standards for the farmers and food workers who produce much of the world’s food. When you buy Fair Trade products, you’re assured that those who helped create the food had their rights protected, earned competitive wages, and were treated equally and fairly in the process. You’re also assured of additional oversight in safety and health measures.

Wonder Juice is certified Fair Trade by FairTSA.

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And certified Kosher.

According to the standards set forth in Jewish law, all fruits and vegetables are generally considered kosher, and can be consumed freely with other foods (including milk or meat.) All the varieties of Wonder Juice have been produced under the supervision of a qualified Rabbinic organization. They have certified that both the ingredients and the equipment used to prepare the juices are properly vetted and monitored to maintain this important distinction. Wonder Juice is certified Kosher by OU (Orthodox Union.)

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